Bus & Coach Painting

Britcom have been painting, refurbishing and repairing buses and coaches since 2007.

In that time we've developed an excellent reputation for quality, reliability and turning vehicles around as quickly as possible, to get your vehicle back on the road as soon as possible.

We've also developed a strong customer base of both local and national bus and coach companies.

Britcom Chassis & Bodyshop Services offer a wide range of services to the bus and coach industry indlucing painting and refurbishment of buses and coaches.

As purchase costs soar and running costs follow suit, many bus and coach companies look to refurbish and repaint used vehicles rather than commit to the expense of purchasing a new vehicle or fleet of vehicles.

Bus & Coach Painting & Refurbishment

Britcom offers top quality full bus and coach refurbishment and painting.


Our Bodyshop incorporates steam cleaning bays, essential in the first stage of preparing any vehicle for its makeover.  Preparation from the start is important in ensuring that the final product is of top notch quality.

After steam cleaning, the vehicle then goes into the shotblasting bay (if required) where the metal is stripped back, removing any rust and debris, which, if left on would affect the finished product quality.

The bus or coach is then taken into our bodyshop where any additional refurbishment work and sanding down will take place.  Your vehicle then goes in to one of the two spraybooths in our Paintshop where our highly experienced spraypainters work their magic to return your bus or coach to looking as good as new!

Once the paint has been allowed to dry in our EPA compliant low bake spraybooths, the vehicle will then be cleaned, valeted and prepared ready for delivery to you.

Where required, we also work with local suppliers to provide lettering and livery application.

Britcom has been ISO9001:2008 accredited since 1999 and all of the operational activities within the Repair & Paint Services Department operate to stringent ISO procedures.

For more information on bus or coach painting, refurbishment or accident repair, or for a no obligation quote, contact:

Bodyshop Manager - Fran Johnson
Tel: 01430 871010 / Mob: 07889 251793 / Email: franjohnson@britcom.co.uk