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Yorkshire Dairy Goat Farmer Says AVANT Machines Are Perfect For His Application

12th November 2015

The owner of a North Yorkshire dairy goat farm has been so impressed with an AVANT compact wheel loader over the last five years that he has recently traded it in for two new similar machines.

The farm, located near Harrogate, has specialised in the production of goat's milk for the past 25 years and now has a productive herd of around 2000 goats, with a further 1000 young stock being reared at any one time on the farm.

The milk produced is supplied to the York based St Helen's brand where it is used to satisfy an ever growing demand for goat's milk and related goat dairy products

The new pair of AVANT 220 machines, purchased from Britcom, are kept busy every day spreading sawdust in the parlour areas with a bucket attachment, pushing feed to the animals in the housing sheds using a simple angled blade, and are used for other general tasks including lawn mowing and snow clearance when necessary.


Commenting on his AVANTS, farm owner Peter Simpson said: "They are fantastic little machines and if I had sat down and designed the perfect tool for may application it would have turned out to be exactly the same as the 200 Series machine!"

Mr Simpson particularly likes the machine's compact dimensions and manoeuvrability and the fact they are very easy to drive.  In fact, all three full time and three part time staff, both male and female, are happy to take their turn at the wheel.

The two new machines are powered by Kohler 20 hp petrol engines, have a capacity of 350kg.

For more information on the range of AVANT Compact Wheel Loaders click here.  Alternatively contact Mark Sutton on 01430 871010 or 07785 907013.