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Introducing Our 6 Apprentices

7th March 2018

In support of National Apprenticeship Week please meet our 6 apprentices.


Meet Frankie, Jaedon, Andrew, Josh, Harry & Aiden

Frankie and Jaedon work in the Britcom Body & Paintshop and are currently doing a Paint & Body apprenticeship. 

Josh, Aiden and Andrew all work in our Service Workshops and are all doing a HGV Technician apprenticeship. Aiden is in his second year and Josh in his 4th year.  Andrew is new to Britcom and joined as a temporary steam cleaner last year and has since been employed full time on the apprenticeship scheme.

Harry works in our Chassis & Bodybuilding Services Team and is doing a Welding & Fabrication apprenticeship. Harry won an award through Hull College last year for the ‘Most Outstanding Student On A Work Based Learning Programme for 2016/2017

We believe apprenticeships offer both us and the apprentice a great opportunity to develop together and learn new skills; bringing fresh people and approaches into the work place can only be a good thing for everyone’s future.  Our success rate of keeping apprentices post qualification period is very high.


We look forward to watching the Britcom apprentices grow and develop over the coming years.