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Britcom Launch Customisable Stock List

29th May 2019

Our new customisable stock list is now live which means you can download and view (and print) only the units you want to view.

Following customer research we have initiated this customisable stock list which enables you to choose options based on your requirements including make, model, year, location, and specifically for the UK, the ever important emission class.

By selecting your options on the left of the screen, the right hand side updates with your choices; you can then click Print on the right and create you own downloadable stocklist which you can view, save and/or print as you wish.


And by clicking Print on the right hand side, you will create your customised PDF (as below) then view, save or print as you wish.


There are a number of benefits to this new customisable stock list:
- the stock list is personalised to your own selection (rather than having to view a summary listing of all our units)
- you can select just tractor units, rigids or trailers and even down to model, year and location as you wish
- you can view, save or print as you wish
- for those UK customers wishing to view our EURO 6 trucks only you can do that by selecting this under emission class
- you can select location if you wish to see trucks at our Market Weighton, Manchester or Nairobi sites
- if you choose to print the list, your selection will be shorter than our previous stock list - which makes it better for the environment
- the customisable stock list is a live listing and therefore only shows units only currently for sale*
- prior to clicking the 'Print' option which then creates your PDF you can click on any of the units in your selection and make a direct enquiry

Based on this development we've also improved the content you see on the tractor units, rigids and trailer primary pages enabling you to compare the units easier.  These pages will look at little different too - but they operate in exactly the same way; simply click on the truck you want to view more about and then you can click enquire in the normal way.

And a further improvement is that with the importance of EURO 6 trucks within the UK, we've now highlighted the EURO 6 units in an environmentally friendly green colour, to distingutish them

We hope you like the improvements.  Why not give the new stock list a go now.

Click below to go direct to your new customisable stocklist now:

We look forward to receiving your feedback on these improvements at


*subject to timings of deleted units