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Britcom Bruisers Ready To Take On The Challenge

24th August 2017

A team of 10 willing volunteers have put themselves forward to take part in this year's Pocklington's version of It's A Knock Out, with celebrity guest start Keith Chegwin attending - It's A Pock Out.  

The day will be filled with a number of teams taking part from around the local area, with stalls and displays for visitors to peruse.  The event is being held at the Pocklington Football Club.

The Britcom Bruisers consist of some members from last year (pictured below) - and some new members to bolster the team - we are keeping a few secrets up our sleeves!

It's A Knock Out was a British comedy game show first broadcast in 1966. It was adapted from the French show Intervilles, and was part of the international Jeux Sans Frontieres franchise. It featured teams representing a town or city competing tasks in absurd games, generally dressed in large foam rubber suits. The games were described as school sports day for adults. For example, teams would carry buckets of water over greasy poles or rolling logs. Other teams would interfere, squirting water cannon or throwing custard pies. 

And It's A Pock Out' will be very similar, there'll be water, mud, inflatables, rubber suits, lots of fun and much much more.

On a more serious note, the event is being run by Pocklington District Lions to raise valuable funds for a range of charities including 

So, how can you help?

1) You can sponsor the "Britcom Bruisers" by sending a cheque made payable to Pocklington District Lions to Rachel Reed, Britcom International, York Road, Market Weighton, YORK, YO43 3QX

2) You can turn up on the day and support the Team - it will be fun for all the family.  From 12.00 midday, Monday 28th August 2017 at Pocklington Football Club, The Balk, Pocklington. 

We look forward to seeing you there!