Steering Conversions

We have experience in all types of conversions across various makes and models of trucks.

We convert trucks both from left hand drive to right hand drive and vice versa, to suit the customer and market requirements.

We are able to undertake steering conversions to meet the customers requirements and appropriate standards.

(Please note, we do not do steering conversions on cars.)


Interesting Facts About Steering Conversions

  • Takes on average 100 x man hours to complete
  • Requires the lengthening and replacement of around 60 different wiring connections
  • The additional wiring required, if laid end to end, would be the length of 2 x full size football pitches!

That's a lot of wire, a lot of experience, and a lot of patience!

To get a quote for a steering conversion, please contact Alan Rawlings on 01430 871010. Or you can email Alan at Alternatively you can complete and submit our Quote Form.